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Served With Red Onion Pickel, Rahita, Masi Sambol (Cured Tuna) and Hard Boiled Egg

Lamprais (Lump Rice)

Served with fried Eggplant and potato Curry (Kalia), Meat Curry, Seeni Sambol (Caramelized Sweet and spicy onion), Hard Boiled Egg fried, Fish Cutlets, wrapped in Banana leaf and baked. Pre-orders only / Special Orders Minimum of 5

Kurrypinch Grill

Char-Grilled or Pan Seared Meat Served With Grilled Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Onions and Coconut Kale Salad with Your Choice Of Basmati Yellow Rice Or Kurrypinch Mashed Potatoes.

Pol Rotti Meal

Includes 2 Pol Rotti (Coconut Roti), Seeni Sambol (Caramelized Sweet and spicy onion),Kata Sambol, Dhal and Meat Curry Of Your Choice.

Hopper Meal

Hopper Meal - Includes 1 Egg Hopper and 3 Plain Hoppers , Seeni Sambol (Caramelized Sweet and Spicy Onion),Kata Sambol, and Meat Of Your Choice.

String Hoppers

Includes 10 String Hoppers with Pol Sambol, Potato Curry, with Egg and Meat of your choice.

Delivery Minimum: $15 (Before tax).
No minimum on Pickup orders